D&D Collection Green Code FX 5.2 MEDICAL HAIR MASK


Medical Hair Mask is an innovative product which provides nourishment and strengthens the hair follicles

The patented active ingredients contained in it (diosmin, hesperidin) cause much better blood circulation of the hair follicles, which receive more nutrients, leads to visible strengthening, an increase in the density of growing hair and their growth in areas of baldness.

The high content of field horsetail extract and squalene regulates the proper secretion of sebum and has an antibacterial effect. Oils: marula, sea buckthorn, argan, and perilla not only care of the hair, but also makes hair shine, provide the skin of the hair with omega-3, and natural malic acid closes the hair cuticle.


FX 5.2 contains natural ingredients such as diosmin. L-Argenine and hesperidin that help revitalize hair and scalp; Marula oil that helps moisturize and protect hair from damage; and caffeine that helps prevent hair fall. FX 5.2 enhances the effect of Green Code FX 5.3 to actively nourish and strengthen the hair.