D&D Collection Green Code FX5.3 Floral Hair Shampoo


Floral Hair Shampoo

Patented Formulation

Innovative Hair Growth System

New Way of Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Action: Floral shampoo operates in 4 areas:

1, Diosmine and hesperidine getting to the scalp and into the hair follicles significantly improves the blood supply, so the hair follicles recieve more nutrients that strengthen hair.

2. Caffeine stimulates skin cells and hair follicles to be more active.

3. Hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes and softens the hair.

4. Marula oil add shine and radiance.

Effects: After several times of using the shampoo, hair loss decreases, and after a few months, new, stronger hair starts to grow. Hair will be easier to style with increased volume and softness,  In addition, FX 5.3 inhibits androgenic alopecia.